Hobo handbags: ‘We’re not here to make money’

Hobo Handbags has come under fire for selling handbags made in China, after being accused of making money by peddling goods made in the country.

The Australian company, which has made bags for the likes of Louis Vuitton, the US fashion house Ralph Lauren and other high-profile brands, said its handbags were made in Australia and were “in compliance with Australian laws”.

It also claimed that its handbag is the only handbag to be made in Vietnam, although it said the bags were made there by local companies.

“In Vietnam, handbags are not a luxury item.

They are meant for everyday use,” the Hobo website said.

Hobo Handbags is owned by a group of former Chinese expatriates who have been involved in the business for many years.

Australian law does not require Chinese manufacturers to obtain a permit before making goods in Australia, so Hobo is able to make its bags without a permit.

However, Hobo’s chief executive, Stephen Smith, said that the company’s handbags did not meet the requirements of the Australian Consumer Law.

He said Hobo had been forced to suspend the sales of its hand bags to comply with the law.

Smith said the company had also “reformed” its supply chain to ensure it did not make goods in China.

Despite the new laws, Hobos customers were still buying Hobo bags.

It said its sales of Hobohandbags.com, a Hobo site that allows customers to buy handbags in Australia on its website, had increased by 50 per cent.

But Smith said the Australian Government was working to protect consumers.

Asked if Hobo was now concerned about the impact of the new Australian laws, Smith said: “Absolutely not.

We’re not going to lose our business.

We have customers that want to buy Hobo.

We’ve got lots of customers that love Hobo.”

Hobos chief executive Stephen Smith said Hobos handbags would not be banned by the Australian government, but would need a permit from the Australian Customs and Border Protection agency before being sold.

Australia has a strict supply chain that ensures that imported goods are not made in a country where the regulations are not enforced.

A spokesman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said the agency was aware of the allegations and would investigate them.

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Consumer Protection and Consumer Rights Act and the Product Safety and Quality Act, Australian manufacturers are required to produce products in Australia if they are to sell them.

But the regulations don’t require foreign manufacturers to comply.

When it comes to Hobos, the Hobos chief said that while the company would not ban its customers from buying Hobos products, it would not make any changes to its supply chains.

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