How to use handbags with the new Samsung Galaxy S8

You’re going to want to get a Samsung Galaxy 7, Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S6 with you on the road.

Samsung is introducing the new Galaxy S9 in two variants, the S9 Plus and the S8 Plus, both of which have the same specifications and a similar design.

They’re both available in three colors: blue, pink and yellow.

You can choose between either of them if you don’t want to spend $900.

Samsung has also released a new app called Galaxy Camera for those who want to take photos in portrait mode or in landscape.

It’s available for free on Android and iPhone, but it costs $4.99.

For $150 more, you can get a version that lets you snap a photo of your phone in the dark with the included app.

The S9 has the same camera as the Galaxy S5, but you can choose whether to get the front-facing camera or the rear-facing one.

The phone has the new “G-Force” fingerprint scanner, which makes it easier to unlock the device, as well as a better battery life.

We also reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

You’ll be able to buy the Galaxy Note 9 starting at $1,499 starting on April 16, 2018.

We’re not expecting the Note 9 to be any better, and Samsung may actually be more powerful than the Note 8, but at least the Note 7 is no longer the flagship phone we’ve come to expect from Samsung.

But you can always find a different Samsung Galaxy for less money.

If you want to save some cash, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 has the best specs of any tablet we’ve seen.

The device is slightly smaller than the Galaxy 9 and is only $249.99, making it a good deal if you have a budget.

And if you want a more premium option, we love the Samsung U11, which costs $499 and includes the Note 10.5 as well.

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