Polene handbag company, ‘one of the best brands’ on handbags market

Polene, one of Australia’s biggest brands of handbags has a brand new handbag that’s designed to be a one-stop shop for your everyday essentials.

The company has created a handbag with a rounded shape that can be folded up into a handbags compact.

The handbag, called ‘Polene’ is one of the latest additions to its range of handbag designs and comes with a padded pocket to keep your keys, phone and wallet in place.

The handbags design is designed to fit in with the rest of the Polene range and will be available from April to June.

Polene is also adding a ‘pocket’ to the bag to help keep your phone, wallet and other essentials secure in the pocket.

While the pocket is a small pocket it makes it easy for your wallet and keys to be accessed.

It’s a design that will fit in well with Polene’s design philosophy of using small pocket designs to add functionality to handbags.

The Polene ‘pocket pocket’ feature has been designed to allow your phone to fit snugly inside the pocket, while also offering a way to store items you need to carry in a pocket.

This pocket can also be used for storing the back pocket for your keys or wallet.

Polene has been known for its handbags and the latest addition to its line is designed for everyday carry.

Its rounded design makes it perfect for everyday use and the pocket can be easily folded up to store other essentials like a wallet or keys.

The bag will be priced at $79.99 and is expected to launch in April.


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