How to spot the difference between a fake and genuine handbag

Here are five common questions you should be asking yourself before purchasing a fake handbag.


Does it say Hello Kitty on it?

Hello Kitty, an Australian company, is famous for selling cute, colourful, handmade, high-quality handbags.

But its designs can also have serious health and safety risks.


Is it handmade?

You may have heard about the handbag maker’s controversial practice of turning down customers who are allergic to its handbags because they are not handmade.

The company says it has stopped making handmade handbags and instead is focusing on its products.


Is the bag handmade?


The word Hello Kitty appears on the front and back of the bag and the brand has produced hundreds of different handbags made of different materials.


Is they hand-sewn?


Most handbags have been hand-sawed.


Is there a tag?

If there is a tag, it’s usually written on the inside of the hand bag.

It’s not a guarantee that it’s a genuine hand bag and it can be misleading.


Does the bag come with a warranty?

Most hand bags do come with an optional warranty, which can be expensive.


Can I return it?

You can return a handbag within 14 days for a full refund.

But you need to be aware of the terms and conditions and be aware that there’s a risk of it becoming damaged.


Is my handbag handmade?

The answer to that last question depends on the brand and how the handbags are made.

If the bag is handmade, then the hand-maker is responsible for all the risks associated with the bag.


Is this a gift?

A handmade handbag will have a label on the back that says “made by me” or something similar.


Is that the tag?

A fake hand bag will have no label.

Some brands also include a tag on the outside of the pocket of the bags to let you know they’re handmade.

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