Harry Potter star’s handbags are now at the top of her list

The handbags Harry Potter stars are now the top item on her to-do list.

The actor, who has a handbag collection valued at $200 million, is now eyeing a collection of handbags that include a pair of Dolores Ferragamo handbags and an Louis Vuitton handbag.

The bags are now among the items that have been discussed as possible gifts for the actress and her husband, Matt Damon.

The handbag obsession started when a woman in a New York hotel room asked the actor if she could take her handbag to her room and buy a Louis Vuite.

Damon’s handbag was later found at the scene of the shooting of “The Martian.”

The actress, who is also a longtime collector, has a total of five handbags.

Among the items on the list are a Louis XVO handbag ($9,200), a Dolores Vuitton Handbag ($12,600), a Louis XIV handbag with gold trim ($17,000), and a Louis XVI handbag in the brand’s signature style ($20,000).

Damon recently shared photos on Instagram of his collection, which includes a pair.

The actress also has a collection worth $50 million, according to Forbes magazine.

She said in a statement, “I am absolutely obsessed with my handbags.”

The handbags are just the latest in a string of handbag projects for the star.

In May, she and her brother Jared shared photos of their collection, as well as a pair each of a Louis Varsity and a Versace purse.

In August, she announced she would donate $25 million of her fortune to charity.

The pair also shared an Instagram photo of a hand bag they shared that year.

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