Which players have the best bag bags?

In addition to the players listed above, the best bags are also the ones that have the highest overall durability and the highest levels of quality and comfort.

In the end, the players we surveyed rated the best handbags for the most part based on their personal preferences and their ability to withstand the rigors of everyday life.

Here’s a look at the top 10 players and their bag bags.


David Krejci, Chicago Blackhawks – The New York Rangers captain’s bag is one of the most versatile pieces in the NHL, capable of carrying him from one end of the rink to the other.

When the Blackhawks acquired the right to carry Krejc in their top six this season, he quickly became the league’s top bagger.

He carries a variety of bags, and he’s also a fan of using the same bag for multiple games.

The two most popular choices for Krejczis bags are the Kontakt Sport Classic and the Bic bag.

Krejic prefers the Sport Classic, which he has used for years in New York and Los Angeles, and the Nylon bag, which has long been a favorite of Krejce’s.

Kreja’s favorite bag is the Bicycling Classic, but he’s a big fan of the BIC.


Wayne Simmonds, Edmonton Oilers – The NHL’s reigning Hart Trophy winner is a true bagger, capable in his personal and professional lives of keeping all his gear organized.

He often wears a small-size bag and uses it as a makeshift backpack during off-ice workouts.

Simmonds is the favorite of the baggers on the list, but also a huge fan of all of the popular bag brands out there.

He likes the Nalgene Classic, the Puma Sport Classic or the Naturals.


Chris Kunitz, Anaheim Ducks – The reigning Stanley Cup champion is known for being able to keep his gear in order and always packing the best of what he’s wearing.

Kunitz’s favorite bags include the Noggin Classic, a popular and durable choice for when he’s playing in Chicago, or the Sport Sport Classic.

Kunetz prefers the Pista bag for his everyday carry.


Jonathan Toews, Chicago Bulls – The Chicago Blackhawks star carries a small backpack on his back when traveling to the gym and a larger one on the bench during games.

His preferred bag is a leather-bound Sport Sport Sport, which is one piece that is comfortable for all day long.

He also prefers the Nolite bag, the most popular of the three.


Alex Pietrangelo, New York Islanders – Pietratto is the league leader in baggaging in the playoffs.

His favorite bag on the roster is the Pisa Sport Classic that he’s used in Chicago and Los.

Pietrino also has a fondness for the Pampers Classic bag.


Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Angels – The defending Stanley Cup champ carries a leather jacket and a bag for the off-season when traveling.

The Bagger of the Year Award winner’s favorite is the Kilt Classic, an extremely durable, versatile and stylish bag.


Patrick Kane, Chicago Bears – Kane is the reigning Hart and Norris Trophy winner and is known as one of America’s toughest men.

His favorites include the PSA Classic, Bic Classic, Pista Classic, Nolites Classic, Sportsters Classic, Kilt and Pampas Classic.


Brent Burns, San Jose Sharks – The Sharks star wears a variety for his off-duty activities, and it doesn’t stop there.

His top two favorite bags are his Pista Sport Classic for his daily carry and the Sport Sports Classic that’s ideal for off-the-ice activities.


Matt Duchene, Colorado Avalanche – Duchene is a regular on our list of top baggies and carries a backpack for off season trips to the rink.

He uses the Sport-Pro Classic as a travel bag and prefers the Bipas Classic for on-ice work.


Brad Richards, Edmonton Oil Kings – The Edmonton Oilers captain carries a bag during games and during off season activities.

His most popular bag is his Nolita Classic.

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