Which handbag is best for you?

Recode is the leader in the new wave of online video journalism and it’s looking to make waves with this year’s new video app, The Verge’s new podcast, and the new new podcast for Samsung Gear VR.

In a new video series, Recode’s David Carr and Kara Swisher explore the best handbags for the people, as well as the people for the bags.

The Verge’s David’s interview with Recode founder Kara Swishers, on Recode:David Carr: Kara, I want to get into your new video podcast.

So, I know it’s coming out later this year.

It’s called The Verge Podcast.

Kara Swisher: Yeah, yeah.

David Carr: So, tell me what this podcast is.

Kina: The Verge podcast is basically a podcast about tech.

It will be a weekly podcast, basically.

David Carr:”What kind of podcasts are you looking at?”

Kina Swisher:”Well, we have podcasts for smartphones, and we have more of a platform for podcasts that we’re going to launch with later this fall.

We have a bunch of podcasts that are going to be like podcast-themed events.

David said that we want to have the best in-depth, thoughtful conversations with you about the technology that’s going on in our lives, and hopefully give you the insight you need to make the right decisions and make the most of it.”

David Carr”So, how do you find and make your own podcasts?”

Well, you can search for podcasts.

You can find podcasts for your favorite apps, and then we also have a podcast for all of your favorite brands and brands that you love.

So we have all of these things, and they’re going into our podcast section.

And you can sort of sort of look at it like a podcast index.

“Kina’s podcast: The Best of Kara Swish, for the People, for Your Brand, for your Business, for SamsungGear, for The Verge.

Konrad, one of the creators of Recode, was kind enough to take us through some of the key factors that make the best smartphone handbag for the person.

David: This is the best phone bag for the size.

David says that it’s about the same size as the iPhone 6.

David: That is about the best that I’ve ever seen.

It has an 18-inch screen.

David said that there are different reasons that the iPhone has the best screen in a smartphone.

David says that the biggest factor is because the iPhone is a great phone, so it’s going to have great battery life, because it’s not going to last as long as the other phones in its size range.

David also said that the Galaxy S7 is the greatest smartphone in the world, because of the size, because there’s more storage, because the camera is so amazing.

David added that the camera on the Galaxy has to be great, because you can’t have it as a smartphone if you don’t have a great camera.

David has the greatest camera in the smartphone space, David said, because his camera is really great.

David’s video podcast: Kara Swishes Best Handbags for The People, For Your Brand.

Konica, a company that makes handbags specifically for the women’s market, has released a handbag called The Best Handbag for Women.

Kari: The most interesting thing that I found with this handbag was that it has an extra pocket for my purse.

I like that because I’m not a purse person.

I’m more of an artist, but I also want to be able to carry a wallet, so that is a big bonus.

Kai: This handbag also has a little extra room in the back for a watch.

Kai also added that it also has pockets that you can wear the phone and put a watch on it, and also the back pockets of the bag.

Karin: I was actually really excited about this because I really liked the design of this handbags.

This is a designer handbag that is very feminine and very stylish.

Kari: That’s my favorite thing about this hand bag.

It makes me feel really feminine.

David has a favorite of mine, because I just love the way it looks.

David added that if you’re in a hurry, I can’t wait to buy one of these.

David is a real life storyteller.

His best-selling books include:The Art of the Deal: The Secrets to Selling a Million Dollars in One Day, and The Art of Success: The Complete Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business.

David works with the creators and executives of popular brands and has helped them grow their businesses, including Apple, Nike, and Facebook.

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