Fendi handbag makers to stop selling high-end, handbag-only models at outlet stores

Fendi, the world’s biggest luxury brand, has announced that it will stop selling luxury handbags at some of its outlet stores.

According to Bloomberg, the decision is due to demand for handbags and accessories that are more practical for everyday use. 

“We have seen a strong demand for our premium handbags in the past few years, and we have not seen that increase since the launch of the Fendi Collection,” said the company’s global director of marketing, Daniel Fauci, in a statement.

“We have to be more flexible with the size of our collection and focus more on the needs of our customers.”

Fendi said that it is focusing on making its collection of handbags more practical and accessible to consumers, and it is working to offer a range of handbag models to consumers across its outlets. 

Fendi has been making handbags for decades, and the brand has a history of making them more practical than ever.

In 2011, the brand announced a new range of pocket watches, which it says offer “an intuitive, personalized, and functional design.”

In 2013, Fendi launched a new collection of wristwatches, which are made in-house and can be customized with different patterns and styles. 

According to Fauces statement, the F-Series handbags are made of durable materials, and they have a wider range of sizes and styles that can be worn by anyone.

They feature a black-and-white color palette, with a variety of colors to choose from.

Fendi is currently selling its Fendi Originals handbags through the FCA outlet stores in the US and Canada. 

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