How to tell if a new handbag is fake

HANDBAGS: Handbags are often sold by resellers on websites and through social media platforms, but many experts say the best way to spot a fake is to look inside.

Here’s what you need to know about them.

What are fake handbags?

Handbags often come with a price tag and a fake logo, which are often copied from other handbags.

However, there are plenty of legitimate brands out there, and fake handbag sellers often post photos of themselves on Instagram.

Handbags can also be sold on eBay and other online sites.

The only way to be sure is to see if the product is genuine, and how the packaging is made.

A counterfeit handbag can look quite similar to a genuine one, but the packaging, stitching and fabric could be completely different.

Here are a few tips to help you spot fake hand bags.1.

How does the packaging look?

Fake handbags are usually very similar to genuine ones, but packaging is often copied.

Here is a list of some of the common packaging mistakes.1.)

The logo doesn’t match the design.

A lot of handbags have a logo that looks very similar, but is not exactly the same.

This is often because a manufacturer or reseller copies a logo from another company.

If you can spot the fake logo in the package, the item is definitely fake.2.)

The fabric is very similar.

Many handbags come with synthetic fabric, which is a very expensive fabric.

Fake handbags will also often have some type of synthetic fabric in the box, which looks more authentic.3.)

The stitching is very different.

A fake hand bag might have a stitch pattern that looks identical to the original, but it’s actually a copy of another handbag that’s been re-worked.

This stitching can be really confusing and makes the product look fake.4.)

The packaging is very thin and difficult to open.

Handbag packaging can be very thin, and can be hard to open, especially if it’s been folded and taped.

It’s best to open the packaging and inspect the contents before opening it.5.)

The material is not genuine.

Fake bag packaging often comes in many different colors and patterns.

Fake bags will often have the same material or the same pattern in a lot of cases.

This could be because a counterfeit manufacturer copied a design from another brand or the material is fake, or it could be due to a manufacturer simply copying an existing design.6.)

The color is very strong.

Fake packaging often looks similar to the real thing, but this isn’t always the case.

Many fake bags will have a strong color and feel like they belong to a real product.7.)

The price tag is not accurate.

Some fake handgags can be more expensive than the real one.

Sometimes the seller will try to trick you into paying more for the fake handpack, or sometimes the fake product will be more premium than the genuine item.8.)

The size is not correct.

A genuine product usually comes in different sizes.

Fake sizes will often be smaller than the actual size.9.)

The texture is very light.

Fake packages can sometimes have very light and soft textures that look almost identical to genuine packaging.10.)

The finish is not as thick as the real product’s.

Handpacks can be made from any fabric, but a fake hand pack can have a very different finish.11.)

The handbag looks so cheap that it’s difficult to see it inside.

Fake products will often look similar to real products that you can’t see in a store.

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