‘Faux-jewellery’ store opens in New York City with faux-jewelry collection

The faux-leather handbags at faux-Jewelry Boutique in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The company’s owner, Paul Azzarello, says the business is trying to make his company more “real” by taking on the role of vintage clothing retailer and making the company’s customers feel like they are part of the conversation.

“We’re really trying to bring a little bit more authenticity to our product and make people feel like there’s real history behind what we sell,” he said.

The store’s website, which has a photo of the store’s founder, describes the business as “inspired by vintage Americana and featuring an authentic feel and timeless look”.

The store has two locations in New Jersey, one in Manhattan and one in Philadelphia.

Paul Azzerello, who is based in New New York, says he is a big fan of vintage handbags.

“I love them,” he told ABC News.

“They are timeless, they have a great feel and a good look.

You get to know the people who work there and they have the best employees.”

Faux leather is one of the most popular styles of leather, and has long been an important part of Americana.

The leathers have been worn by celebrities, musicians and fashion designers.

But Mr Azzarrello says he has noticed that a lot of the luxury goods sold online are made with faux leather, which makes it difficult to get an accurate picture of how old they are.

“It’s a tough business,” he added.

“When you’re selling to people who don’t even know what leather is, it’s really hard to get them to know what it’s made of.”

But the owner says his business is still working to change that.

“Our mission is to bring the authentic look to the world,” he explained.

“And to do that we’ve got to do things the right way.”

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