How do you choose the best Amazon gift card?

By MARK BLINCHETT | The Associated PressRead moreShare this story: Amazon gift cards can be a great way to get your hands on some of the best and most popular items, like a new Kindle Fire or a Kindle Mini.

The e-commerce giant has been known to make some major deals with retailers, including a $5.99 purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

But, with the company’s latest move, the retailer is giving customers a new way to shop with the latest and greatest items in its online stores.

Amazon’s new “Skins for Amazon” program will give customers $5 to buy up to 10 of their favorite Amazon products from select retailers, with discounts for customers who also pay for a membership.

The program also gives Amazon shoppers the opportunity to pick up the items and have them delivered to their homes, a new feature that will be available starting in March.

“Amazon is introducing a new product-centric program called Amazon Skins for AWS that gives customers the chance to buy more products from Amazon’s vast online catalog, and then receive the items at home and at a discounted price,” a statement from Amazon said.

“This program lets you pick up your favorite Amazon product and receive it at home, at no additional cost.”

Amazon said the program will be offered on an “as-you-go” basis and will not be limited to a certain time period.

The offer, which is available to customers who already have a membership, will be valid until Jan. 31, 2019.

“Customers who have previously purchased a membership will be eligible to earn a 30-day free trial of the Amazon Senses app, and will be able to purchase additional products through this program on a first-come, first-served basis,” Amazon said in a statement.

The new program is similar to a similar program that Amazon announced last month.

Amazon also announced last week that it will begin charging customers for the first time after the new program launches.

Customers will also be able purchase additional Amazon products through Amazon’s “Amazon Senses” app, which will allow them to purchase the items as they arrive at their doorstep.

Customer reviews of the Senses program are being accepted through the company.

Amazon also has a new program called “Amazon Smile” that offers free shipping on all orders of $100 or more, plus free shipping with Prime and $5 off select orders of Amazon Prime members.

Customs and Border Protection also are giving away free gift cards to Amazon Prime subscribers for a limited time.

The Amazon program is available in select U.S. cities and in more than a dozen other countries.

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