A new line of handbags from Gucci and Tods from Hermès could be on the way

The UK-based luxury goods maker Gucci has launched a new line in 2017, and it’s aimed at “those who enjoy dressing in chic and unique handbags”.

The brand’s new collection includes two handbags by the duo of designer Tods and Gucci’s founder and chief executive, Gucci Chief Executive Officer Tod DeMarco.

In a statement, the brand said the “high-end handbags” from the duo would be available for purchase on its website in July.

The first, the “Gucci Classic”, features a gold metal case with the words “Classic Handbag” embossed on the side, and the second, the more recent “Classic Collection”, features silver metal with the name of the brand on the front and the brand logo on the back.

The statement added: “Guccis new collection of hand bags features both classic handbags and contemporary fashion.”

The new line is aimed at those who enjoy “dressing in chic” and “engaging in casual and creative fashion”.

It’s also a nod to the brand’s heritage and heritage-friendly heritage.

The brand has been steadily expanding its range of handbag designs in recent years, with a series of new offerings this year including a collection of designer handbags called the Gucci Classic.

It’s a collection that includes handbags like the “Classic collection” above, which features silver and gold inks on the leather back and “modern” fabrics like a cotton cotton jersey, and “Modern Collection” handbags which feature an organic cotton fabric with a brushed nickel-plated finish on the lid and sides.

The two handbag options, the Guccis “Classic” and the “Modern” collections, are priced at $6,200 and $6 and $9,000 respectively, respectively.

The “Classic handbag” is a grey-toned brown leather bag with the word “Classic on the body”, “Guicolana on the inside”, “Colombia on the outside” and other handbag branding.

The handbag is available for pre-order from June 30.

The second bag, the Tod deMarco handbag, features a “Modern collection” leather bag that features “classic design and high quality materials”.

The bag is available from June 28 for $8,400.

A statement from Gucci said the new collection was designed to “celebrate Gucci heritage and its heritage-conscious approach to quality and craftsmanship”.

It said it was an extension of the “authentic, luxury, handbag”.

“It’s an homage to Gucci, the world’s most iconic brand and iconic fashion statement,” it said.

The new Gucci handbag line includes a grey leather handbag with the slogan “Guicimoso” on the exterior, a leather hand bag with “Guacimero” on its front, and a grey canvas handbag.

It is available on June 29 for $9000.

Both bags are expected to launch in mid-July. 

Gucci is not the first luxury brand to release a new handbag design in 2017.

Last year, Guccas luxury handbags were revealed in January with a black leather handbags inspired by designer Louis Vuitton.

The bags were designed by Louis Vuittons design team.

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