A ‘sad, sad, sad story’ of India’s ‘love affair’ with ‘purple’ handbags

Purples have always been one of the most sought after handbags in the country.

However, the market is now dominated by black handbags as the ‘brand is fading away’.

India’s love affair with the colour is a sad one, with a ‘sadd, sad’ story of India ‘losing’ its soul.

In the eyes of many, the colour of the handbag is more important than the material.

The handbag craze started in the early 90s, when a number of fashion magazines began to carry advertisements for handbags made in ‘purples’.

These handbags were not cheap and were expensive.

So many people bought them because they thought they were the only handbags that were affordable.

However, as time went by, the popularity of these handbags declined and by 2007, there were only four manufacturers of handbags making them.

There were also a few handbags produced in colour.

A lot of people were upset with this trend and a lot of them were unhappy with the colours of the bag they bought.

They complained to the industry lobby and the government about the colour being a waste of time.

It is only now that a movement has been launched by the industry to try and change the colouring of handbag.

The ‘purpler’ craze is not confined to the country and even across the world.

It has been noticed that the demand for handbag colours has been growing in countries such as Canada, Japan and the United States.

This trend has been fuelled by the colour-changing trend in fashion magazines and even some clothing retailers.

The trend is being seen in malls, department stores, supermarkets and even even fashion shows.

However the movement has not yet spread to India.

Apurple is seen as the color of luxury.

It’s a colour that can be found in many expensive items.

It can be worn in a number different ways.

In some countries, it can be a very subtle colour, like a pink-orange colour, or it can become very bold and colourful, like blue or purple.

These colours are popular among women, and it’s the colour associated with love.

The fact that this colour is also associated with the rich and famous, however, has given rise to the perception that it is not the right colour for the average person.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Fashion Studies (IFES), India has the largest number of ‘purplers’ in the world, accounting for 2.1 million of them.

This means that more than half of the country’s handbag makers have a large inventory of handbags made in this colour.

The IFS also said that this was the second largest amount of handmade colours after the UK.

These handbag manufacturers include the following brands: BHAL, Adipose, BHEL, MNCs, Sangeet, Patanjali, and NAB.

All of these manufacturers have a major presence in the retail sector.

While these handbag manufacturers make handbags with the ‘purperer’ colour, many of them also make handbag bags made in a more muted colour.

There are even handbags which are made with a colour called ‘purble’.

It’s considered a muted colour which is not as rich as ‘purp’.

In India, handbags are produced using two basic methods of making a handbag: hand weaving and hand polishing.

Hand weaving is done by hand in a particular location on the hand, called a ‘winder’.

A person uses a piece of leather, usually made from animal skin, to create the winder.

The process is very time consuming, and takes a lot effort.

Hand polishing is done with a cloth.

This cloth is made up of a layer of cotton, often cotton wool, which is then stretched and smoothed over a surface.

It also creates a soft, protective surface.

The colour of hand bags, if not carefully chosen, can create a major flaw in the quality of the finished product.

In a study by a company called SGS Group, over one-third of the products that were tested had a colour of ‘greenish-blue’ or ‘yellowish-green’.

These colours were considered to be ‘bio-accurate’.

The researchers said that ‘bioscience’ should be used in this context.

“We are very concerned about the quality and colours of hand bag made in India,” said Nandan Ramakrishnan, vice president, SGS.

The colours could also affect the colour reproduction of the product and therefore lead to a product that looks dull and unappealing.

The manufacturers of the ‘sardine coloured’ handbag say that the colours could be used to create an ‘unappealing’ look.

However when a customer purchases a ‘purper’, he or she does not realize

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