What’s the best handbag for a brahmin?

Zara Handbags – the UK’s most expensive handbags brand – have unveiled a range of handbags which have been developed by their design team.

According to the company, their first handbags are the ‘Brahmin’, which is a homage to the iconic Indian Brahmin warrior who fought the invaders of India in the early 18th century.

The handbags will retail for $12,500 (£9,600) when they go on sale on March 1, 2017.

A special edition of the ‘Zara Brahmin’ range will be launched in the UK, the company announced.

The range will feature a ‘Bamut’ style handbag and a ‘Zarah’ style one, as well as ‘a range of accessories’, including ‘bamboo and bamboo trunks’, ‘brass-finished leather trunks’ and ‘branded jewellery’.

The ‘Bambu’ handbag features a ‘Kung Fu’ design with a bamboo base and ‘gripped leather trunk’, while the ‘Sami’ handbags feature a bamboo trunk with a brass finish.

The ‘Zabala’ hand bag features a bamboo trunk, leather trimmer and a bamboo handle.

Zara’s brand ambassador for handbags said: “We’re so proud to be working with our handbag design team on this first ever handbag.

The Bhumipara is a tribute to the legendary Indian warrior, Bhumitra, who fought against the invaders in the 18th Century.”

Our new handbags represent Zara’s signature style and will be available to buy at Zara retail outlets and online beginning March 1.

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